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Spinners and Weavers Workshop

A must for all spinners and weavers  

Anni Albers Exhibition at Tate Modern -

closing date 27 January 2019

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A full Range of Techniques -



Tuesday 10 -12   and  Wednesday 6 - 8                                    

Contact:  Paddy Bakker 01823 325345

Paddy has been weaving for over 40 years and holds several  certificates in weaving awarded by the Association of Guilds of Spinners, Weavers and Dyers Guild. She is Life President of the Association and has participated in many national weaving events.   Paddy welcomes beginners, intermediates and  those wanting to learn more advanced  techniques in weaving.

Friday 10.30 - 1.30  


Contact: Sue Briggs  01823 333859/ Lesley Took 01823 461640

Sue and Lesley have both completed the Janet Phillips  master class in weaving and textile design. They are keen to help those who wish to explore the many and varied aspects of hand weaving.

Spinning, Weaving and Tapestry

Thursday 10 - 2  


 Contact:  Sarah Downer 01823 601245/Jane Rees 01458 250818

The Thursday class has evolved into a mixed ability group who support  and encourage each other. Sarah,  Jane and Sue Armitage  are happy to help the beginner  learn the basic techniques in  tapestry, spinning and weaving.  Sue has been with the group for over 30 years and is one of the original designers of the Somerset Tapestry.   Jane and Sarah have been with the group for over  10 years  and enjoy  experimenting with design, colour and texture to create unique products.


The charge is £2.50 per hour.  Payment can be made by cheque or cash, and a receipt will be issued by the class tutor.  If you wish to pay by Bank Transfer, please contact the Treasurer, Cynthia West.  You are not charged for sessions you are unable to attend and  the money is carried over to the next session or you can attend on an alternative day.  A record of your attendance is kept in the register.  Students are asked to keep us informed if they are unable to attend, especially if they have left work on looms,  as we have a limited number available.


Second Monday of the month 10 - 2                                                    

Contact:   Barbara Spicer  01278 691264

Spinning wheels and associated equipment can be provided for the beginner.   The group are happy to help and share their knowledge and information about fleeces and techniques.                                                                                                                


Students are able to access all the equipment in the workshop and can borrow table looms and other equipment  for a small fee.  In addition, there is a supply of yarns available so you can start your first project.   Tea and coffee is available for a small charge and the use of a microwave. There are two toilets, one of which has disabled facilities.     The notice board and website give information about  short courses, events  and items for sale.   Plus there is a library with a selection of useful reference  books and magazines  which can be borrowed.  

All weaving classes are fully booked - but please contact us if you wish to be included on our waiting list.